My view on Edu that’s .edu to you… 

It really is a simple story that I hope will have a happy ending…
I have been exposed to the Edu Community since 1976. As an active Advisory Board Member of The Society for Collegiate Travel and Expense Management, I can clearly see a void in supplier support to the Collegiate Travel Marketplace. Is it ignorance or arrogance? Only time will tell as we invite the Hospitality Supplier Community to embrace a Cooperative Services concept. In today’s shared economy it is time for full engagement in the Higher Ed community through EDU Hospitality Solutions.

The most important thing to realize is that things move slower in Edu…tortoise vs. a hare. You will never find a more loyal community known for honesty, integrity and mutual respect. It is a non-mandated, decentralized business climate where the faculty can find a better price, but in today’s political domestic and international climates “Duty of Care” will rule the day. The .edu community is just that; a closed society…no .com welcomed. There are opportunities to provide exclusive .edu offerings in a controlled environment to a specific audience through a supplier’s loyalty program with the ability to auto-enroll. 

Warm regards,
Joe DeMille